9xflix: Watch Latest Hollywood, Bollywood & Web Series Online

9xflix is a online streaming website where you can watch & download latest movies and web series free. It is used by many users. On this site, we can download any film for free. Also, we get all kinds of films here like Hollywood, Tollywood, animation films etc. We can also use this website to download the Hindi dubbed version of any film. Also, it uploaded all the latest movies. This quality of this website makes it more popular & reliable. Also, this site is straightforward to handle.

The main purpose of this site is to provide entertainment to users.

How did this 9xflix site work?

Users get no difficulty using this site. The process of downloading the film is too much easy. To download the movie, the user needs to search for it on the site & then the cover page of the movie appears. After that, you click on that logo & then a new page opens. On this page, you have to choose the film quality from which you want to download it.

The user has to select the pixel quality between 360p, 480p, 1080p and HD print. It was all upto the user about the quality. After that, the film starts downloading. Once the film has been completed successfully, it will appear in the gallery. And users can access to watch it from there.

The film can be downloaded on mobile or computers. This depended on the choice of the user. This site will support both electric devices.

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Did 9xflix site is illegal to use?

The site was indeed illegal as the site did not have any permission. Also, one can get arrested for using this site, as it was proved about this site. But the user did not have any fear of arrest. So they use this site like all other normal sites. Also, this site did not show any cookies, so users like it more than other sites.

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Also, this site was not popular in India only. It was a world-famous website. People from all over the world download film from this website.

Also, some people get arrested in some countries for violating the laws. But apart from that, they again started to use this site after paying compensation.

What was the impact of the 9xflix site on kids?

Also, it has uploaded many films that negatively impact kids if they see them. Children must be at the age of 18 to watch this kind of movie. But this site did not restrict any user from any film. So the small kids also saw these films.

This will make their sexual desire more. And after watching these kinds of films, small kids were also behaving like the actors in that film. In short, they start to acquire bad habits. Also, they thought it became cheap & bad day after day.

Why did people nowadays be unable to access 9xflix sites? 

As we all know that this site was considered illegal. So now the Government has taken a step toward this site. They crashed this item. And they did this with the help of India’s best hacking experts. So, no one can download any movie from this site. Also, this site can never be restored.

The Government of India takes this step after a lot of thinking. Also, the Indian Government was finding the person who had created this website. And once the person is known, they will get charged by the law. The hacker was trying to get the correct IP address.

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Now Government also makes a rule for those who violate the government rules & restrictions. They stated that if any user tried downloading content from these illegal sites, they should pay a compensation of 10 lakh rupees. Either they should spend the rest of his) or their life in jail.

And these were the strict guidelines confirmed by Government a few days.

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Are there any other websites that are legal to use?

Yes, there are many other websites from which you can download films. Also, all these were legal. They were certified by Government. But you need to take a subscription to this site. After that, you will get access to download the film from these websites. Also, these can be used as an alternative to the 9xflix site.

So there is the name of sites that are legal to use:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • Hot star
  • Voot
  • Zee 5
  • YouTube

But there is one thing good too about these legal sites. From some of these sites, you can watch something for free. You don’t need to pay a rupee for them. For example, on youtube, you can view many free serials and web series. You need to sign in to them. Also, as they are all legal, these are available on the google play store.

These sites are also easy to handle. First, you need to search for the name of the content that you want to watch.

Are there any other illegal sites like 9xflix?

There are a lot of illegal sites. Also, they work the same as 9xflix. But the other sites have some issues. For example, some of them are less responsible. And some of them did not show the latest movies. But also some are the same as that. But there is one thing common in all these sites. That they are illegal, also they all upload pirated content.

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Names of some illegal sites are:

  • Download hub
  • Filmy neet
  • U watch free
  • iBomma
  • 123 movies

Also, there are many other illegal sites besides the listed ones.

Is there any proxy for the 9xflix website?

Yes, the proxies are listed below:

  • 9xflix.in
  • 9xflix.name
  • 9xflix.net
  • 9xflix.land
  • 9xflix.cc
  • 9xflix.club
  • 9xflix.asia
  • 9xflix.cloud
  • 9xflix.skin
  • 9xflix.pictures
  • 9xflix.app
  • 9xflix.com

How to watch movies online on this site?

Anyone can watch the movie online too. And the procedure to see the film online is:

Firstly, like always, you need to visit the site, and the site will open after loading. Then you will have to choose which category you want to watch. After selecting that, you need to search for the movie or serial by its name. After that page will reload & suggest you the option. Then click on the appropriate option. After that, click on the watch now. The film or serial start playing.

But there is some problem with watching online. If you watch anything online, you must also watch the ads. So you can not skip them on these. But if you download them, you can see them without interruption.

Can we see any upcoming movies on this site?

The answer to this question is No. You can not see any of those films that have not been released yet. There is no doubt that this site shows the latest movie. But the condition is that the film got released.

Is it correct to use the 9xflix site?

Also, we like to share our opinion that it’s not right to watch a movie on this site. Firstly as Government banned it. So we need to support our Government & respect their rules. Also, try to convince other people not to use this kind of illegal site for their entertainment.


In this article, we talked about the 9xflix website in brief. In this article, you came to know about its working procedure too. Also, you get to know if it’s safe to use or not.